Frequently Asked Questions

ExpandDo all child development facilities in DC need to be licensed?
ExpandHow do I find out if the program I am interested in is licensed?
ExpandWhat services are available for infants and toddlers with physical or emotional disabilities?
ExpandHow do I submit a complaint about a child development facility?
ExpandWhat is the difference between a child development center, child development home and an expanded child development home?
ExpandI am a parent who wants to learn more about the process for how a child development facility becomes licensed in the District of Columbia. Where can I learn more?
ExpandWhere can I find aggregated information about child deaths, serious injuries and substantiated instances of child abuse in District of Columbia child development facilities?
ExpandI see that some child development facilities have a rating under Capital Quality, DC’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). What does that mean?
ExpandWhy don’t all child development facility profiles on My Child Care DC have information about quality ratings?
ExpandWhy are child development facility inspection reports not current?
ExpandWhat is the criminal background check process for DC residents working in child development facilities outside of the District?
ExpandWhat is the child abuse and neglect check process for employees and volunteers of child development facilities in the District or any other state?

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